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Save Time – Save Money – Do A Better Job!

That is what the revolutionary new RoyEL tool holders can do for everyone who operates automatic or hand screw machines and turret lathes.

RoyEL makes a drill holder for use on both automatic and hand machines, a non-releasing tap holder for automatics, and a releasing tap holder for hand machines. The drill holder and non- releasing tap holder may also be used as reamer holders. A float is provided in both types of tap holders for greater accuracy in tapping and reaming.

All RoyEL tool holders have the same basic advantages. They do a better job because they give 4-point holding—for the greatest holding strength ever. They do a better job because they are precision made for greater accuracy. They save time and money because all accessories are eliminated, the need for cutting off tool shanks is eliminated, and setup is quick and easy.

RoyEL tool holders hold the drills, taps, reamers, etc., between a pair of independently mounted sliding jaws. The jaws move in a vertical direction to accommodate every size tool within the capacity of the machine for which the holder is designed. The jaws are easily inverted to hold the smallest tool. No bushings, no collets, no extra jaws are needed.

Setup is quick and easy. The tool holder is fastened in the turret. The drill, tap or reamer is placed between the precision-ground vees

Of the jaws and clamped securely by means of the clamping screws.

Then the tool is brought up to the work. Both vertical and horizontal float are provided for easy and accurate centering. When the tool is centered, the locking screws are tightened and the setup is complete. Downtime is greatly reduced. When it becomes necessary to sharpen or replace a tool, only the top jaw is unlocked to remove the tool Because the bottom jaw remains locked in position, no recentering is necessary when the tool is replaced. When a close depth must be maintained, this depth can be easily established from the flat face of the tool holder.

The need for running to the tool crib for bushings or the making of special bushings for the job is completely eliminated. Time and tools are also saved because the hollow shanks of the tool holders eliminate the need to cut off tool shanks. These advantages save more than 50 per cent in set-up and down time and greatly reduce the amount of inventory for the tool crib.

RoyEL tool holders are precision made. The shanks ground first. Then the face of the plate is ground square with the shank. After heat treatment, the flat surfaces of the jaws are ground. The jaw is held in a fixture and the vee is ground square with the back of the jaw. Because the vees are ground with great precision, the 4-point holding is maintained along the full depth of the jaws.

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