RoyEl Tool Holders


A RoyEL 2RTH Non-Releasing Tap Holder used on a CNC MAZAK Quick Turn 300 lathe.

2RTH Non-releasing Tap Holder

2RTH Non-releasing Tap Holder



Video of holder in action:


For Automatic or Hand Screw Machines and Turret Lathes

  • No Bushings
  • No Collets
  • No Extra Jaws

RoyEL Tools producing quality tool holders since 1955.

Enjoy the advantages of RoyEl Tool Holders:

  • Reduce set-up and downtime by 50% or more.
  • Eliminate accessories-no bushings, no collets, no extra jaws.
  • Provide greater holding strength than ever before with 4-point holding along full length of jaws.
  • Eliminate the cutting off of tool shanks.
  • Eliminate the necessity to re-center when tools are removed for sharpening or replacement.
  • Establish drill or tap depth easily from the flat face of the tool holder, eliminating all guess work.